Every woman wants to look good. Makeup helps women in making their personalities more attractive and bold. Makeup gives a glam to your skin. You will look fresh as you put on some makeup. Makeup has the power to give courage to a woman to walk confidently. So every woman must know some basic makeup tips that will increase their beauty.


Buy some high and good quality materials that can be used for multiple things. A beauty blender, contour brush, multi-task brush, angled brow brush, blending brush should be purchased by every beginner. Many makeup artists advise that the materials should be of good quality.


Apply some moisturizer according to your skin tone. Massage gently the moisturizer all over your face. The moisturizer will make your skin soft and glowing. Moisturizers make a thin layer that will protect your face from dirt and the scorching sun.


You must know what type of skin you have. You must know what type of skin tone you have. Choose the shades according to your skin tone. Whether you have to choose a foundation or an eyeshade, you must know which shade suits you.  Even if you are picking up a simple moisturizer, choose the one that matches your skin type. Either you have a dry skin or an oily one or any other type.


If you are planning to go out in the daytime always use sunscreens before you put on the makeup. Sunscreen helps in protecting your skin from the scorching light of the sun. The UV (SPF) sun protection factor fights against dirt and sunlight and protects your skin from getting tanned.


A primer can make your skin smooth and soft. It fills the gaps and the pores and evens your skin tone. It also works a binding solution so that the makeup stays longer on your skin. The primer makes your skin looks flawless because the skin tone becomes even.



When you are done the makeover don’t forget to use a finishing spray. It will help you in avoiding the cake-face makeup look. The finishing spray will definitely give a glow to your makeover. Your makeup will also last longer if you spray the finishing spray over your face.

Try out the basic makeup tips and let yourself feel beautiful.