We all know as at least once we have been in a bridesmaid posture that the bride is the one to decide everything, from the dresses patterns to colors and accessories. In many cases, she even pays for all of these or partially so to have ad gain the complete right of deciding. But will this include the hairstyles too?

He wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids can be of both sides decision. But the major problem is how to look, what to be about. Like in many others cases, even alike the bride’s method to decide it all will depend on specific factors such as:

1-The time of the event, location as well. Mostly when it comes about hot weather, summertime wedding certain things raise problems. It is about being in sweat and so the hairstyle to “suffer,” to be ruined. The bridesmaids are always around the bride, helping and needing to be a pleasant view. So, as not to risk with the hair let to flow on the back at a summertime wedding you better think of a loop of hair, a ponytail if you want the simple style.

2-The dress type. According to this and especially more important the cut at the neckline, the hairstyle should be about tied hair or not. Here it is applied the reverse principle: for an open neckline, the hair can be flowing on the shoulders, high neckline imposing tied hair. None of the sides should be put into a shadow corner so there must be a balance.